Data Collection and Surveys are a critical part of any local association. There are several options:

Also, Outlook provides a built in voting feature for simple multiple choice surveys.

This feature requires you to be using a Microsoft Exchange Server e-mail account.
  1. In the message, click Options.
  2. Select the Use voting buttons check box, and then click the voting button names you want to use in the box.
To create your own voting button names, delete the default button names, and then type any text you want. Separate the button names with semicolons.
  1. Under Delivery options, select the Save sent message to check box. To select a folder other than the Sent Items folder, click Browse.
  2. Click Close, and then click Send.
Video tutorial.

How and why your local could and should use Online Surveys

  • easier data collections
  • less paperwork...cost savings